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CFNM Femdom Humiliation Special!!

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Brother Caught Masterbating - Sister's Friends Help Him Finish

In today's video a brother is caught masterbating by his sister's friends. The guy has just bought a new Fleshlight fake pussy and is trying it out for the first time when four of his sister's friends suddenly burst into the room. They have been let in by the guy's mum and are looking for his sister's room when they stumble upon him instead...

Sister's Friends Help Him Finish

Caught With Fake Pussy - Watch Here

The four girls were shocked to find their friend's brother completely naked and masterbating on his bed. But one of the girls was fascinated by the fake pussy and demanded to see how it worked. The guy's cock was still hard so he put some lube in the pussy and slid it over the end of his dick. The girls gasped as the full length of his cock slipped between the wet pussy lips.

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Sisters Caught Guy Masterbating - Three Girls Jack Him Off

In this video a guy is caught masterbating by three sisters. The three drunk girls are lost in a hotel and end up trying random doors looking for their room. When they come across a naked guy jacking off in his room they can't resist barging in and having a bit of fun with him. Unsurprisingly the guy is a little but pissed at having his privacy invaded like this and he begins to protest. But the girls aren't having any of it and soon make him realise who is in charge of the situation!

Three Girls Jack Him Off

Caught by Sisters - Watch Here

As the guy complains about having his room invaded the three sisters jump on him and pin his arms to the bed. They tell him he had better be a good boy or they will throw him out naked into the corridor. One of the sisters then grabs the cord from the guy's dressing gown and begins to tie his wrists to the bedpost above his head. The sisters then take it in turns teasing the guy's cock - bringing him to the edge of orgasm and then stopping before letting the next sister take over!

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Guys Caught Masterbating - Female Roommate Catches Guy Jerkin

In this addition to our collection of videos of guys caught masterbating a guy is caught jerkin by his female roommate. In these days of opposite sex roomies this is a scenario that must have happened countless times. A guy is cranking one out on his bed and his female roomy pops her head round the door to borrow a book - she catches him in the act and both parties are acutely embarrassed. Of course, in our video we take it a step further...

Female Roommate Catches Guy Jerkin

Caught Jerkin by Roomy - Watch Here

In this video the guy is caught masterbating by his female roommate and her best friend. Although a little embarrassed the two girls are fascinated by what they see and encourage him to carry on. They sit on the bed either side of him and watch intently as he continues to stroke his cock. The girls begin to gently stroke his inner thigh and his chest and encourage him to beat it harder. As the girls give him more and more encouragement he jerks it harder and harder until he is on the point of exploding!

By this time the guy is practically begging the girls to help him cum. Will they do it? Or will they make him finish himself off? Find out now on this link...

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