Caught Masterbating Videos - Man Caught In Hotel Room

Today's addition to our collection of caught masterbating videos is another video of a man caught masterbating in a hotel room. As I've said before the hotel room stories are some of the most popular - so we are pleased to have come up with another classic scenario. This time the guy is having a wank after his shower one morning and forgets to put out the ‘do not disturb' sign...

Man Caught In Hotel Room

Caught by the Maid - Watch Here

The man is completely lost in his own world as he strokes his cock with eyes tightly closed. When the maid arrives to clean his room she is shocked to see him completely naked and jerking away on the bed. In fact she is so shocked that she screams and several female cleaners come running to see what is going on. Amongst all this commotion the guy is left cowering on the bed naked and surrounded by irate women!

What happened next? You can find out for yourself by watching the full video on this link...

Hotel Room Wank - Click Here

Posted by Jerk Meoff